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Open Seating is under study

In 2016, NAGE Local R12-40 IS DUE for OFFICER Elections. Members, Please, NOMINATE or SELF-NOMINATE: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Steward. Contact us: Ev, Ed, Pat, Michael.

Read NAGE PORTAL PAGE - Changes in desks and seating to mitigate PHD growth plans. -- The Portal (Navy NSWCPHD) Page is ONLY reachable on the Command Intranet --

Open Seating is under study at NSWC PHD, similar to visited GSA Los Angeles where ALL employees have open group desks and 120 to 136 square feet including all but conference and break room. Personal space is less than an 8x8 cube. This seating study is to begin with Building 444.

Your inputs may be offered through your union. The more who join, attend and vote, the more voice you will have.

Currently, there are issues that may involve surrender of union space, as well. Please, consider an office where you will make the decisions on our direction.
// Acting Pres., Everett Batey, A42, 616-2471 (8-7180).
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