First You must file an appeal of the furlough with your command

( Important Read “Download Furlough Notice Action and Appeal instructions to your command”)

You have 10 calendar days for the appeal to the Command starts when the employee receives the letter.  Don’t wait appeal as soon as you can this is your first hurdle.  This is only for the appeal to the command and must be done before the appeal to the MSPB can take place.  You would use the template letter “Download the Furlough Appeal Letter to your commandas a basis for this appeal to command.  It should be modified by the employee though if they have a specific problem they want noted (i.e. my friend, in the same department/position, is being treated differently than I am because...).

Key points

I as a tax payer am not happy to pay for someone 3 or 4 day vacation on the tax payer dine.  The room, rental car, and food money             are paid for with tax payer money and no work is being done.  Sound like potential fraud waste and abuse to most tax payers.

How to appeal the Furlough to the MSPB

To appeal the furlough you must download the Furlough appeal form from the link below. Fill out the appeal form follow the instructions from page one and page two.   You have 30 days to file once notified of the furlough.

Fill out part one with your information.

Fill out part 2.

Block 13 check the “Furlough of 30 days or less” area.

Fill out the other blocks with your information using the following as guides.

Block 18 “Explain briefly why you think the agency was wrong in taking this action or making this decision.

“ In this block describe that you feel that this furlough is not fairly being applied. It is discriminatory

because not all government agencies are applying the same guidelines. Some agencies are arbitrarily not include. This was to be applied across the board for all government workers. Different government workers are furloughed for different amount of days and some not at all. How is this not discriminatory?

Block 19 “What action would you like the Board to take in this case (i.e., what remedy are you asking for)?

“ I would preferably would like to see zero days furloughed for government workers. Before any government worker lose any days to furlough, ALL contractors would have stop performing work for the government. If furlough are still require after this then the furlough would be fairly applied to all government workers including congressional personnel too.

Block 20 Check No

Do not fill out part 3 unless it apply's to yourself.

At part 4 block 30 check the area “A claim that the agency action or decision was the result of prohibited discrimination (race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age). See 5 C.F.R. 1201.151 and 1201.153. If you previously filed a formal discrimination complaint with the agency concerning the action or decision you are appealing, attach a copy of the complaint. If the agency has issued a final decision on your discrimination complaint, attach a copy of the decision.”

Do not fill out part 5 unless it apply's to yourself.

Fill out Part 6 as it applies to you.

Download the Furlough Appeal Form to the MSPB (30 Days to file)

Download Furlough Notice Action and Appeal instructions to your command (7 Days to file)

Download the Furlough Appeal Letter to your command

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